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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Move aside people, the 9 princesses are back :D

i LOOOOVE their look now.

it's something more mature and different at the same time :B

Sunny threw away her cute image & got this short blonde wig. Although fake, it looks GOOD..

Tiffany got blonde highlights. She's FOREVER gorgeous..


Taeyeon got pink extensions & Sooyoung got red highlights.

the mv needs more Yuri & Tiffanyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

i cannot stop spazzing about The Boys punya music video, lol.



I think this is their best performance since 2007.

It's powerful.



Saturday, July 30, 2011
Click picture to see a much bigger Taeyeon XD

N level Orals - DONE :D

about m.t oral, it was okay but i couldn't answer the last question D:

i mean, i know wth the teacher's asking but the answer in my head was ALL OVER THE PLACE!

i was like "uhmmm... errr... Cikgu boleh ulang lagi soalannya?" LOL.

So, after oral, i rushed like hell.

I went to change to half U & went to band rm only to find everyone in full U already -,-


Investiture '11 starts

was so GLAD that i didn't faint this year.

If Mahmudah ma'am didn't remind me to drink up, i would've just ran down to the hall without hydrating myself XD

changed into my outfit. I FORGOT MY BELT -.- abeh seluar melorot, irritating.. grr..

makan - the cake was so effing delicious! :3

performance - Band played "Thriller". I LIKE THE SETTING n.n

but, would be better if lights were off throughout the whole performance XD

Tribute to graduates, Traditional Dance, Gift exchange ~

shouted a lot during traditional dance & my voice changed just like that O.O

oh yah, i fell down the stairs coz i was so distracted by a red lightstick XD

PLUS, it was so dark! :/

Investiture '11 ends

OVERALL, I ENJOYED IT A LOT. Gonna miss the graduating noobs :(

I love this song so much. & the video DOES have a meaning. it's not random -.-

FIRSTLY, it's obvious tht they're speaking frm the perspective of an insecure girl.

2ne1 went into the "UGLY GIRLS NOT ALLOWED" area wearing things tht cover up their faces - shows that they have insecurities with themselves.

Minzy starts destroying the "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL" store.

they open up their masks - show that they're accepting themselves.

they started vandalising stuffs in the pretty place.

Girls @ "PLASTIC ZONE" were sprayed - shows that it doesn't matter what you look like.

the "All Alone" part - shows how a person feels tht they're all alone when being critized by ppl.

then the neon paint splashing scene @ "PLASTIC ZONE" ..

they walked out & finished the song happily. In the end, the pretty area blew up.

it's like showing "We don't care about being pretty"

OVERALL, i think it's teaching us the importance of accepting yourself & how having a pretty face isn't everything




Tuesday, May 31, 2011


MYE is finally over :D

reasults? well, im grateful but not satisfied *shrugs*

I failed English for my CA. How could i? :/

& i am out of the Top 5. But nvm, bukannya dapat duit -.-

well next up, prelim & N level D:

my canvas is halfway done but, i still need to tone it :/

plus, i have 5 prep boards to do! pfft...

Who would've guessed that she's 22 this year?

She looks (and sometimes behave) like a kid.

can i keep her in my pocket? XD

Oh, Yuri looks 10 years older than Taeyeon in here, LOL

aahhh, i miss blonde Jessica :/

& i can't wait to see Taeyeon & Tiffany perform Lady Marmalade O.O


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy 2nd year anniversary 2ne1 <3

The achievements in the video is only in 2009! ;D

Back then, they were just rookies but they won a lot! \o/


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hello ~

I'm currently half-way through MYE 2011 :B

Totally screwed up my math paper.. especially paper 2 :/

I have chosen my topic for Art MYE :D

After thinking, i finally chose "Identity" & i even got all my resources already!

yes, both primary and secondary

I'm left with printing, drawing, and doing mindmap..

YUP, there's a lot more to do and i have not much time left D:

oh, Happy Mothers' Day!


I pity them coz they had to learn 3 sets of choreography for this song -.-

& it changes for each music show! :/

Music Bank is the worst.

The group had to change their dance so much! pfft...

But it's okay coz they're debuting in USA before 2ne1 this year!

i'm excited for 2ne1's english album too ;D

will.i.am, don't disappont me coz i have high expectations for 2ne1! :B


Thursday, April 14, 2011


MYE is just around the corner ~

here we go again ~


kay, BYE.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy 21st Birthday, Choi Sooyoung <3

the member that got me attracted to SNSD :)

my very first bias ~

known as the biggest eater of the group (but is hella skinny) o.o

the only one tht doesnt call the others 'Unnie' although she's the 3rd youngest in the grp ~

definitely the boss/bully in SNSD  >:D

oh, & did i mention that she has the least thread posts in the STAND forum?


I miss this era where everyone looks VERY good -.-

I miss blonde Jessica!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hwayoung is not a giant

OMG, Boram is so small ! She's like fun size XD

I cant believe she's the oldest in T-ara O.O

& the picture is like Taeyeon & Seohyun :B

BTW, i had 3 CAs & a small test today ~

I dont think i did well this time :S

Geography is so disappointing.

I studied eutrophication & all that but in the end, GM food came out as a 6m qn -.-

GM food is the one tht i didnt study AT ALL.

The pages abt GM food in my book is totally clean w/ no notes & whatsoever..

I even mistook a picture of an ox for a machine! :/

For M.T - no comments.

English - my story is actually very short but i described it & made it long :P

i think it's out of point but i kinda like my plot 8D

Math was okay..

Happy February people ~


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

the shirt says it all ~

It's Best Fuckin' FIVE

not FOUR.

not THREE.

not TWO.

& definitely, not ONE.

i don't really care which company they are in,  just don't split up.

If they drop KARA, DSP Ent. is only left with Rainbow ...

Good luck, DSP -.-


Sunday, January 23, 2011

I so want that hairstyle.

although i dont really know whether it suits my face or not.

pfft, i'm long-faced & short hair barely suits me -.-

well, it definitely suits her best 8D


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